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Mary's on Davie: From Sassy Server to Boozy Shakes

If I can say one word to describe Vancouver is: diversity. Once I stepped into this city, I realized there were thousands of nationalities live here. From North America to South, Asia, Europe, and also Australia. I have so many friends that I've never had before. The level of acceptance is huge…

First Time Trying Online Groceries - Hello Fresh Experience

Yo, guys whassup! Long-time no post here, I know I know I'm sorry! In this post, I want to talk about one of the millennial things that probably the Boomers won't even think about before: Online Grocery aka "you don't need to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients, just pay…

Mengecilkan Perut Buncitku Dengan Yogurt

Muka boleh tirus (berkat angle), tapi perut buncit nih T_T

EVENT: Beauty Bloggers Meet Up

warning: lots of photos

Hai semua! Ingat post aku tentang event Beauty Blogger Meet-Up waktu lalu? I got invited to the grand opening on Thursday, 12 February 2015. Berlokasi di Senayan City - a well know mall in town. Tak berasa ternyata aku ada disana dari jam 10 pagi sampai 6 sore! ^^;

Keep Calm and ... Food Panda?

Hai teman-teman, lagi pada ngapain nih? Aku mau membahas sesuatu yang sangat trend di kalangan desainer, dunia entertainment, dan juga politik sih lol.

Pernah lihat tulisan KEEP CALM? Nih yang kaya gini nih:

Ternyata oh ternyata, poster fenomenal tersebut punya sejarah yang gak semulus betis member…

TUTORIAL: Easy Homemade Mashed Potato

I love potatoes so much, mashed, steamed, fried, or whatever it is. I love it! One of my favorite cook of potato is mashed potato!
Check how I usually made this, very easy easy easy and homemade!

Also you can add cheese cream to the mix, hmmm, yummy!!
And for the finishing, you also can add cheese…

REVIEW: Beatrice Quarters + FOTD

Well, many of my readers asked me when would I make another food/restaurant review again. So today I wanna share about a wonderful lovely restaurant, located in north jakarta, indonesia.

Yesterday I had my girls day out with my two girls. We had a great fun day, culinary and chit-chat, we went tho this place for lunch. This pleasant place named Beatrice Quarters.

The big giant Beatrice. LOL!

It has smoking area in the outside too, for all of the smokers.

FOTD & OOTD for Bloggers


Apa kabar lovelies? Lagi pengen pake bahasa ibu nih :p lol
Aku lagi mikirin soal FOTD (Face of The Day) sama OOTD (Outlook of The Day), ya barangkali bisa jadi bahan diskusi :)

Jadi, setelah dapet beberapa referensi dan studi internet, aku mengambil kesimpulan begini:


IND:Biasanya yang r…

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