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First Time Trying Online Groceries - Hello Fresh Experience

Yo, guys whassup! Long-time no post here, I know I know I'm sorry! In this post, I want to talk about one of the millennial things that probably the Boomers won't even think about before: Online Grocery aka "you don't need to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients, just pay and wait for it!"

This super cool living-alone-support-system name is HELLO FRESH. I saw this app first time in Australia, always tempted to buy one package but always something came up. Now in Vancouver I really did try it for just a week for now.

So basically, this thing works very simply. You just need to pick a plan on the website, like how many dishes you want, and how many people will enjoy the food (you can order 2 portions for yourself too, no judging!). For this week I picked the Pronto Plan, consisting of 3 different meals for 2 people.
They have Family Pack too, where you can buy bigger packages for more people. There is a lot of choices that make me drool, but these three are my highest appetite for now.


Delivery: I wasn't at home when the delivery supposed to come. I did mention on the website tho, just leave it outside the door since my apartment doesn't have a concierge/reception. But apparently, the courier didn't really read the address. He/she just left it inside the building, just like that.........

Anyhow, this is the food order! 

Packaging: Very safe! A box with a green logo on it, all the menus were in separate bags. It comes with a big ice bag so don't need to put in the fridge right away (if you aren't at home). Also, guys, the paper bags are compostable, I am so happy about it!!!!! Long live mother earth!!!!!!

Let's cook it together with me! :D

Meat is freshly vacuumed inside a plastic bag - I wish there is a compostable bag for meat :(

Menu 1: Pan-Seared Barramundi

Instruction so we are not lost lol

Menu 2: Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken

Menu 3: Mexican Pork Tacos


First time let's cook this Mexican taco! I really love taco and this really made me excited.

Instructi0n: I can say that the instruction is pretty clear and easy to follow, even tho you have a mediocre cooking skill, don't worry fellas, they made it easy for us to become our own Masterchef at home. 

OH! I forget to mention, they provide the onion, garlic, and some basic herbs and spices but you HAVE to have your own basic cooking ingredients like oil, salt, pepper, butter (if needed), etc. EZ!

Cook the piggy pork.

Smell so nice I swear!

Andddddd HERE WE ARE with the real food, come and judge my cook, people! Advertising versus reality!! Of course, it would look cool in their picture, but that's pretty normal right lol

Proudly present my first online grocery cooking!

Taste: I would not exaggerate anything if I like/dislike a thing, and this one is really good! (Well you kinda need to know how long to cook things tho, in this case, pork, for example, cannot be too long otherwise it would be so chewy). Oh, SeƱorita, we really love them :D

For sure in the next day, we cook the next package, and it's the Middle Eastern food. Pretty much we are traveling around the world with these dishes. This one also tastes SOOOO GOOOODDDDDD!!!


Advertising vs Reality

Fish stored in super good packaging

The last menu is the Asian inspired dish with a fish. Again, super good, easy, and nice!

It's beginning to look alike Christmas.

Website/Customer Service: Good platform! Very clear and nice UI for anyone who new to this kinda thing! CS also very friendly but it was hard to find a chat box with the CS. They also have the application on the smartphone which makes everything mobile and easy! And oh, it's easy to subscribe/unsubscribe by the app as well, really convenient.

Price: Honestly for me, it is a bit expensive than my regular meal lol. I just tried because there was a discount for the first-time subscriber, and yeah it is worth it. But I ain't sure if I can continue to subs this box since it is a bit pricey (compared with the portion as well). I might try another brand too lol.

Overall: I can recommend the Hello Fresh for you guys, it makes my life easier because I always don't know what to eat, such a struggle to decide, and for sure, no need to go to grocery shop :)

Thanks for reading, hope it can help or inspire you! Now tell me what kind of dish you like to do at home? :D



  1. I wonder if the fish came like frozen or what, sis? Even with that ice bag tho... Not sure can withstand the weather these days...

    Anyway, did every package has its calories info?

    Definitely gonna try that pork tacos. LOL.

    1. Hi, yes it came frozen and they have a bag of ice pack to help them stay longer inside the box :D
      Yes yes they have calories and allergies information! Thanks for coming and remind me the details! :D

  2. This was really interesting! I've always wondered about these kinds of services and what they would realistically be like. This post definitely gave me a better idea.

    1. Yes dear it worth to try :D
      Thanks for coming here~


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