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5 Things I Love ♥

Hi! I wanna share about my 5 lovely things! Actually, I have sooo much and too much things that I love.. But this is what I love the most :D

1. I ♥ My Boyfriend

I love all of my family, mom, dad, grannies, and etc. I love my besties too! But it kinda usual. This guy, named Darius. He is my only one ^^♥ Yeah, we might had some trouble and anger at each other, but we can manage it very well! ;) uhh, I can't stop loving him!

2. I ♥ Art

I love art so much! Since I were young (and now still young!) I love to draw anything. I love dancing too. And recently, I love make myself look prettier *wink*
I love using make up tools, of course I learned it all by myself, yeah youtube tutorials, and fashion blogs are included! :D I love making myself look different in any kind of style! ♥

3. I ♥ Salmon

I do really love trying new genre of food. Any culture of any country is so yes! But in fact, I can't stand with this yummy thing! I love eating sushi the most, but salmon is so much better! Why? Dunno. Just eat that, guys, you'll taste a fish of heave (yes i am exaggerating) ROFTL!

4. I ♥ Raindrops

I love it when the sky are grey and rain starts fall from the clouds. I like the weather, cold and I would stay in my blanket for a long time >3<
Yes, it has a mellow aura, but I love it! I love melancholy things :')

5. I ♥ Music

Any kind of music that comfortable with my ears. I love listening to music with my big headset in the middle of the night, of course while killing my insomnia attack :((
It's funny how music can change my mood, from sad to happy, from cool to rock, but never feel bored.... ^^

that's all I thing. If you ask me to write down my lovely things again, maybe it would be 3 pages alone. Wkwkwkwk. Thanks for reading. I love you too, readers! :D ♥


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