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UNIQSO - Perfect Big Eye

Hi Lovelies~! Introduce my lovely online shop UNIQSO, a trusted online shop that sells big eye circle lenses and another cute accessories. They based in Malaysia but they do ship overseas, wherever you are! ^^

I really love this online shop, they have very very very easy and friendly website to shopping at.


Really love the tagline "Sshhh, this is my secret".. Yeaaaah, every girl in this world had her secret. Beauty could be one of it. Example: BIG EYES FOR DOLLY LOOK.
Big eyes and dolly eyes, omg, I really-really want them! LOL. Who's not? Admit it, big circle lens could makes our eyes more stunning and flattering :D

I am ordering GEO Angel Grey for my everyday usage, because it is very natural and I love the enlargement it gave. Will review it soon!!! Wait for it ok? Stay tuned, pretties! ^^

1. They make very good communication with the customers
Love this! I sent email to them, and I expected that they will reply me 2/3 days after mailing just like another online shop, BUT I'M VERY HAPPY that they REPLY ME VERY FAST! Only need 2/3 minutes for the reply. Love it!
Rating: ♥ 5 of 5

2. So many choices
Not all circle lenses seller got many choices. But Uniqso got many many many choices and lens detail photos inside the website. It has brand categories too! So I don't get confused to buy any item there ^^
Rating: ♥ 5 of 5

3. Promotion promo promo promo and promo! 
Who doesn't love promotion and discount? LOL. Uniqso always have discount or promotion event regularly. Loveeee it so much :D
Rating: ♥ 5 of 5

4. Affordable price
Before discount: friendly price. After discount: ultra-friendly price!
Rating: ♥ 5 of 5

Overal: Perfect place to order big circle lens
(they also sell many Korean cosmetics, woman accessories, eyelashes, nail accessories, etc)

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just mentioning code: rheapunya

no minimum order and valid for any items!


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