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EVENT: Beyond Exposure with Beauty Bloggers

Hai Ladies! Last day I was invited to Beyond Exposure event, held by Beyond Indonesia, in their very first store at Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta.

Thanks Beyond, and thanks Jesslyn + Feegy who already set this event. They are also the host of this event. This is my OOTD that day.
I shouldn't wore black anyway, lol~

The store is very comfy, bright, and all the products are neatly arranged and very easy to find what we need, they classified the products in one rack.

Guess what? This cute and lovely food table was decorated for the event, special for bloggers! Super love this decoration. And the food are awesome!

After eating, the event started by greetings from Jesslyn and Feegy as the host that day. Continue with greetings from Ms. Hanny Zheng, she is brand manager of Beyond Indonesia. She is so lovely and friendly! :D

She introduces Beyond Indonesia, as the first class cosmetic line from South Korea that carrying eco beauty as their principle. I SUPER AGREE WITH YOU BEYOND! Why must we hurt animals to be pretty??? A real pretty woman doesn't do that!!!!!

What is Eco Beauty? It's mean that all of Beyond's products are against animal testing and also some of Beyond's income is dedicated to rare animal foundation in South Korea!! WHAT A KIND COSMETIC LINE! I am so excited about this, because it's really hurts me to know that almost all beauty cosmetic test their products on rabbit, pigs, dog, cat, and any other animals. They are so innocent and have NO responsibility to our beauty. Do you agree with me???? :)

Beyond also worked together with some of Korean's artist to make the illustration, giving message for every customer about saving animals for the better earth, I am so blessed knowing that there's still people who cares about animals and earth :')
GOOD JOB, Beyond! *cry happily*

Next, Mr Yan, giving a warm products details. Angel Aqua is the most bought product line from Beyond. Angel Aqua has many products like cream, serum, CC cream, toner, emulsion, etc, and this line is for normal to OILY skin.
Angel aqua series is made by angel's tears not by literally of course lol, angel's tears is a plant form Korea that only grow in winter :)

he is look like indra bekti right? lol~

I tried the CC cream in my hand. This CC Cream has color capsule technology, the best thing is it can adapt with any skin color. That's why it has no shade, and the cream color self is light grey. When applied to skin, it's blending very well and match with any skin tone :D

Next, also top line from Beyond is: Aqua Bloom and this series is more for normal to DRY skin. It has cream, emulsion, serum, mist, etc. I bring the serum home, and will review it very soon! 

After products introduction by Mr Yan, next is makeup tutorial by Mas Denny. Our model this time is Jessica Simon, my blogger friend. The theme is natural glowing makeup for everyday look.

1. Use sponge for applying CC Cream

2. Use Beyond Grinding Powder for more coverage.

3. Use Beyond Brow Karra for natural look brow.

4. Apply natural brown color

5. Use mascara

6. Add pang-pang blush on from Beyond in the apple of the cheek.

7. Last, apply pink lipstick for sweet touch.

the result, ta daaaaa~!
so natural and healthy look!

I love all of Beyond products. Thanks for concerning the earth and animals, once again. Come on, Ladies, be pretty inside and outside :)

See you at another beauty event! ^^

Beyond Indonesia


  1. dekorasinya bagus, dan foodnya keliatan yummy ce, hehe
    okesip nambah lagi cosmetic line dengan packaging unyu dan no animal testing! :D

    1. iya deviiiiii ini kudu dilestarikan kosmetik yg kaya gini hehehe XD

  2. Ak jg pnsrn bangeeeettt ce trutama sm cushionny tp kok ak cr" olshop blm ad yg jual y hikss


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