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Random Facts of Gita Lesmana

Hai Everyone! I am bored, so I made self reflection for a moment, and I think I wanna share this to you all, some facts about me :D

  1. I am the only one child of my parents
  2. I cannot swim well
  3. I love milk to the moon and back, can't live without milk
  4. I am so much much much freaking moody
  5. I am ambitious with what I think I can
  6. I can cook, learned from my dad - he is my best chef ever
  7. I have astigmatism eyes 
  8. I draws since kid and until my death
  9. I hate cockroach so much, that bug should be extinct!
  10. I ever dreamed to become zoo keeper so I can be with animals all the time
  11. Religion sometimes just makes fight, I prefer to say that I am Jesus' daughter than christian
  12. I am so like boy in act until I was 16 I started to like dress
  13. I sometimes cry of missing my RIP dog, Taro
  14. I adores white, and planning to wear just white in all of my days
  15. White is not a color by the way lol
  16. I love fantasy things: novel, movie, makeup, story, fairytale, etc
  17. I am such a hopeless romantic person
  18. I hate waiting especially when my phone is dead
  19. I have many many many hobbies: drawing, singing, writing, photography, and cooking
  20. I don't have any idol from entertainment world
  21. I am really love to read history, don't be surprised please
  22. I am easily bored and I can't stand with slow-thinking people
  23. I get flu easily
  24. I am a spontaneous person and rarely making plan
  25. I am believe in God, also the demons existence
  26. I love orange and banana the most
  27. I really feel comfortable with rain
  28. I can remember much details
  29. Once I ever wish I was a boy
  30. My mother is the most tough person ever in my entire life
  31. I like to see horror movie but I admit I close my eyes whenever the ghost appear lol
  32. Sometimes insomnia sleeps with me
  33. I am very sensitive person, I can take words seriously sometimes
  34. I got sleep paralyzed very often when I was kid
  35. I love spicy food but my stomach can't stand it
  36. I love to do yoga and pilates, anyone?
  37. Sometimes I get myself defensive to new people in reflect
  38. I am loyal to my beloved people
  39. I often speak directly from my heart, not my brain
  40. I am just like a crab, tough at outside but soft hearted inside, and my horoscope is cancer btw
  41. I hate vodka, once vomit and will never drink that again
  42. I am planning to become a vegetarian
  43. I don't eat many common things: durian, pork, goat, lamb, duck, bird, etc
  44. I always remind myself to not biting my nail
  45. I wish my bootie can be bigger lol
  46. I am a deep and complicated thinker
  47. I want to pet a horse someday
  48. No words can describe how I hate hypocrites
  49. My lecturer once praise my entrepreneurship potential and I always remember that whenever I feel failed
  50. Absconding Reality is my start-up service
  51. I cannot trust people easily
  52. I prefer to work alone for my artworks/projects
  53. I can cry sometimes for no reason
  54. My blood type is B
  55. I ever had a dream about real hell when I was kid, I can feel the heat there
  56. I easy to cry

I will keep adding if I think new facts about myself, lol. What about you? Love to hear from you too :)


  1. no 9 setuju banget, benci kecoaaaa, pgn basmi mereka semua =))

  2. May be I should try yoga or pilates someday..

  3. 47, pengen bgt punya kuda juga wkwkw..

  4. cute photo.. nice facts about you..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  5. Aaa gita abis baca2 ini jd ngerasa kenal km sdikit lbh dkt ^^
    kpn2 meetup yaa

    1. iya vee, kita harus meet up! :D pengen temu kamuuu

  6. wow gambar lukisannya bagus tuh sis, berbakat jadi pelukis juga yaa...
    visit juga blog saya nih ya sis.. salam kenal :)


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