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Hello World! Thankyou for your respond on my Freckles Tutorial last day, I am so happy knowing that you liked it. This time I wanna show you how to make dirt on face with makeup.
You might be wondering why I making this tutorial, right? This is a very common and basic sfx makeup for movie and conceptual makeup. You always see this kind of sfx makeup on movies, but you just don't realize it becomes it is natural!

IMAGINE: you are being chased by a murder, lets say a zombie, a brain eater. You run run and run miles away, fall down, and get up again, just to save yourself.

Dirt face makeup is just face with dirts from pollution, trash, sweat, ground, mud, or whatever dirty. Mostly found in thriller/action/war movies. The most talked series nowadays is The Walking Dead Season 5, so let me just inspired by it! :D

I do not wanna be Zombie, because I have BRAIN! Lol~ ;p


1. Start your face with makeup on like whatever you want. Don't forget the makeup base. This time I am using Etude House Faceblur.

 2. Crush some of eyeshadow with small knife to make it powder. Make sure the eyeshadow is matte. I am using four colors: white, light brown, brown, and dark brown.

3. Mix it together in a palette, we have much colors to draw! Yay!

4. Use angled brush, tap tap tap it, and tap tap tap unto the face. Make it random and spread it.

5. Just like it, randomly.

6. Use powder big brush to flatten the color. We are now making the dirt base.

7. Tap tap again the rest of the powder to the face, this time, don't flatten it!

8. Actually we're already done at step 7. But for making more dramatic finish. I added some "sweat" effects with Etude House Nymph Aura. TAP it with finger, not DRAG it. We don't wanna break the set.

9. Make it more dramatic! I got beaten by a police! Add fake blood with simply tapping dark super dark red liptint. I am using Etude House Dear Darling in Vampire Red color.

We are done! Yay! Now I am hiding in my house and thinking a smart way to escape from the zombies!!!

But then I got caught by a prince! Help me! LOL! :D
Hope my tutorial is easy to follow, I will try to make a proper video for another tutorial next time.
Have fun with makeup!


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