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Wazzup Gorgeous! I watched Chappie last week with my friends and the movie is so-so, good at the middle but the ending ruin all the film, imho.
But there's one thing I like from the movie: Yolandi Visser (Yo-Landi Vi$$er), she is the mommy of Chappie in the movie. The real name is Yolandi, and she is the member of Die Antwoord, a zef-rave-rap band from South Africa.

She's cool and has her own style. I like beats of every DA's songs, but I don't like the lyric, really. It hurts my ear everytime I hear people say "fvck". But I love the arrangement and also the beat, how come! :(

And I think I also like her style: ZEF, I don't really know the meaning, but concerning Yolandi's style - for me it's like cute and emo becomes one. Go google Yolandi Visser for more of her style. I try to recreate her look in one of her movie clip, sorry I can't remember the title. She has cute but creepy graffiti on her body and cheek.

Ah! I made my first good quality video for you. I am so sorry still no audio, because I'm shy lol~ I always feel weird if I am talking hahaha.. So maybe in the next video I will speak :p



  1. wihii, ce gita merambah ke dunia peryoutube-an nih >_<
    next time tutorial makeup korea dong hihi ^^

    1. hahaha uda banyak tapi devi, jadi ga enak, aku butiran debu gitu akwkwawka makasi ya :D

  2. You look really cute :) i bet youll sound as cute too!! Anyway is that one of their songs on the video. If so it really has a nice melody. Reminds me of some japanese songs.

    1. thankyouuu :D
      hahah noo, my voice is heavy like boy :p
      yesss it's their song: cookie thumper

  3. Oh very cute pics


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