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A Letter to My-Future-Self

This is a letter that I wrote for my future self.

Dear me,

Time flies so fast, huh? Look at you now. I wish what are you looking at the mirror is a beautiful lady with brilliant mind and humble heart.
I have some thoughts from your 23 years old version. I hope you are more mature now and you're welcome to laugh at this letter then.

1. Don't insult God by wishing to become anyone else.
Please noted that well, since it has been one of your bad habit: always comparing self to others. You know what? You are God's masterpiece, He created you by Himself, handmade, original, unique, different, and one of a kind. So don't insult Him by doubting your own beauty/success.

2. Star focus!
Another bad habit, don't do many things together, although I know you can do it. To reach success, you have to be focus on ONE thing you love the most, already done that or still trying to focus? Don't fail me please, grow and grow in your own one field. The rests are just hobbies, okay?

3. It's okay to get rejected or failed.
Accept that, learn from that, and remember this: your failure and rejection are the other way to another direction from God. Don't take it too serious again.

4. Be thankful for anyone around and never take them for granted.
Are you married now? How many children you have? I wish they are always healthy. Be a good mother and wife, okay? Never underestimate the power of family.

5. It's fine to remember the past, but no regret too much.
Past is past. Nothing's gonna change there, and you are not living there anymore. Let go of your past, learn from mistakes, and plan your new steps with courageous.

6. You cannot please everyone.
So chill out if everything doesn't work like what you expect. Whatever you do, there's always people who thinks negative towards it. Relax, and live your life to the fullest. Always try your best and stay humble.

7. Happiness start from simple things.
Warm hug from family and friends, hot coffee in the rainy day, watching your mother smile, sleep well, and kisses on birthday. There's so many things that money can't buy - so don't be depressed when your wallet is not full. 

8. Be fruitful as much as you can.
You will be happier to give than to get. Give more of your time, money, love, hugs, gift, prayer, support, whatever it is, trust me you will be happier.

9. Never stop chasing your dreams!
I am hoping when you read this letter, you already become a great and famous self portrait artist, like what you have dreamed since 20's. Remember to still chasing it, never stop, leave something good that the world will always remember. You won't live forever, but your works will still inspire people.

10. Finally, you can only depend on God, not human.
When the time is come, remember that you are alone with God in this world. Do not depend yourself to another human being. 

That's all I guess. I really wishing that you have a good life and great family. Exercise more so you won't gain fat :p

Your self now.

Jakarta, 4 April 2015.


Hai guys, I think you should do this too, to remind yourself the things that comes in your mind. I wrote to myself and really send it to me via

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This is one nice post. And number 10 seal the deal well.
    Keep the faith!!!


  2. Woah i love your points here. I wanna pick one and say "thats it!" but i just can't choose.. Nice post..its such a self reminder for me too :)

    1. hehehe thanks a lot for the support and visit :D


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