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Life Update: Lost Instagram Followers and Gain Something Special

Hi world how are ya? Sorryyyy so sorry long time no update here in my own house :(

I do miss blogging so effing much but I still havent got time (and mood) to write and review things. But don't worry, I am editing Christmas makeup video tutorial, and soon it will be posted on Youtube, so please keep with me ♥♥ and subscribe to my channel RHEA KIM ~

Yeaahh in this post I am gonna share with you some of my LIFE UPDATE (well if you're interested tho). This is my fourth month in Sydney. I enjoy my life so much. Not mentioning struggles, ups and downs here, I'll tell you later in another (deeper) post okay! Some people asked me a lot about why I am moving country yes I will share about it later I promise babe :)

I just moved from Lane Cove to Mascot, so here is my new bed! :D

First, I lost (a lot of) Instagram followers, that's a news, but I cannot define its a bad or good news HAHA. I feel like, somehow, sad, you know, where are you going from my life? :( But in the other hand, some part of me didn't mind with that. I mean, who the hell cares? It's nothing, it's just social media! But I do value every single person who followed me y'know!

Well, it's a mixed feelings that I got, I started to think what have I posted lately, was it because of the content or anything. Then finally one night I got a thought, I said to myself that it wasn't because anything. I don't wanna lose focus about my REAL life and trade it with my APPS life, I mean I still love my followers but I appreciate more the things that is going on in my present right now. It's priceless and suddenly my heart filled with joy. I will keep blogging, sharing things, my journey and my life, and I just wanna say: ♥THANK YOU♥ for whoever of you that stay with me from the very beginning of my blogging journey. I ain't famous, I just wanna make friends more. So let's chat, you can reach me by Instagram direct messages, or Facebook, Youtube, and blog. I LOVE TO TALK and I dont bite lol.

Me and my lovely niece, Tiffany, we drew Christmas card together.

One day one of my followers (I followed her back!) said: "Why don't you create a Line group chat? I want to be the admin if you wanna!". I felt so honored, like who I am to deserve an attention like this??? I said to her thank you I rly appreciate that. But let's just be friends. I don't wanna feel that exclusive like superstar! We can chat anytime, I'll reply you asap if I open the apps. Let's talk about makeup, or your life, you can tell me your stories, ask my opinion, share your sadness or happiness!! Just direct messages me on Instagram: @RHEAKIM :)

Second thing, I upgraded new skills here! Yay! I learned how to do coffee, with a real coffee machine and milk steamer! How cool is that? Hahaha. I met new friends, I expand my connection, and changed the way I think about people. It grows me, I feel so blessed to be here and remembering the times I prayed for this day. I might lost followers on social medias, but I make muchhhhhhhh MORE on real life which is so awesome! I tried new food, and I think I also gain some weight! LOL T_T

Me and my Hillsong Comma friends

Summer is here baby!

Done my nails, so pretty isnt it???

I can't wait to share to you guys with my another life update and stories, I hope you wont get bored with my personal stuff like this :)

That's all my life update for this post. I'll post another soon! Please comment below this post, how was your life? Have you losing something but then gain something more? you miss me? LOL!

Thankyou and see ya♥♥


  1. kangen Gitaaaaa, aku jarang cek2 IG, tapi pas liat kamu ada di Aussie langsung kaget hahahaa, dimanapun kamu berada, Tuhan berkati Gita lebih lagi ya Git.

    Ditunggu cerita2nya :) akupun penasaran sama cerita kamu pindah ke luar hehee

    1. ciiiii makasi banyak buat semua support2 nya yaaa :')
      i love you so much ci, thankyou and God bless you too!

  2. I’ll be waiting 😍 for more of your stories. I wanna move there too if I get the chance. I love Oz 😍

    1. makasi jesss, makasi uda selalu jadi temen aku hehe, lov you, ditunggu ya <3

  3. ce gitaaaa, i miss youuu T_T
    jadi ini beneran udah pindah ke sidney yaa? we need update stories! kayaknya bagus buat bahan blog/vlog tentang kehidupan di sana.
    and I think real life > socmed life, nothing's gonna beat an awesome real life <3
    btw merry christmas ce gitaa :D

    1. miss you too depiiii huhu, miss old blogging times.. haha, iyaa i hope my life bisa jadi berkat buat orang lain :)
      happy holiday sayang, have a blast new year too!

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