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Exfoliate 101: What, How, and When?

Hello guys how are you? In this post, I'm about to give a little teaser about exfoliation and everything in between. All people might clean their face in the shower time, but rarely cares about skin exfoliate, thus very important to keep the skin clean!

So as you can see up there is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum it is a night serum that has retinol in it (anti-aging properties) and that is one of the chemicals exfoliate example.

Basically, there are two types of exfoliates:

Physical Exfoliate
Anything you can touch, scrubs, sponge, damp cloth, anything that helps manually cleans the face. It will give you pleasure to see how the dead skin cell is cleaned.

Chemicals Exfoliate
Enzym does it for you! It cleanses deeper and reaches to your deepest pores down there. That's why I can't choose between physical or chemicals - we need both!

So when to do it? How to do it? Interesting to find out about exfoliate? 
I write everything regarding this topic please visit (click below): 

Eksfoliasi 101: Apa, Bagaimana, dan Kapan?

(it is in Indonesian language).. Let me know what you think and please share your favorite exfoliating product! :)

Till next time!

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