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~since you were born~

In this new year of education, we want to confirm the lesson for being mature.
Read this carefully before you take and sign the registration form.

Caring to others
Faith of God
Dependence on God

Make sure you are ready to submit the lesson, the fee will be instructed later. It depends on what you have to learn. Prepare for prayers as advance fee.

Just one: Bible.

Jesus Christ

It depends on what you have to learn. The lecturer will not tell you directly, but He will show you how to get by the lesson one by one. Sometimes He uses people around you. It hurts but you will realize the fruitfulness of your hard-work to success the lesson.

IMPORTANT: When you're in, you will never quit before you success and graduate. Because, our Lecturer doesn't like to teach just for a half. He loves to form you whole-fully. Because, He do loves you so much and He wants you to be more wise and mature. He will build your mature character, whenever you are ready. He never force you.

So, do you really want to take the lesson?
Submit it.*

your full name

Date: ____/____/____

*note: no need parents agreement. they will always agree.


Frequently asked questions.

Q: How to apply?
A: Easy. Follow these steps.
1. Make sure you are ready.
2. Go to you room and lock the door.
3. Close your eyes and fold your hand.
4. Say "Jesus, give me the lessons, I believe in You, for You will never leave me. Whatever the problems, You will always besides me. Now, I am ready to be more mature and be more wise, like what You wanted me to be. Make me like what You want. Thank you.
5. He listens to your prayers and He will give you the best. Remember, He loves you so much!

Q: What job that I can do when I graduate from this lessons?
A: A lot!! You will be our Lecturer's assistant to teach new students. It a very glorious job ever.

Q: How much the salary?
A: You will never imagine that. But we assure you will be so so so thankful for it.

Q: How is the graduation?
A: It comes from your conscious and senses. You will know when you're succeed.

Q: How to apply the scholarship?
A: There is no scholarship in our university. Because of the lessons price are absolutely NOT cheap. Sometimes you'll pay it with tears and screams. You cannot gain the lessons freely.

Q: So, is this university so cruel? Why must tears and screams needed?
A: They were born from problems. And problems make you more wise and mature. Nothing good is instant. We process you all with our Lecturer's ways. Don't be afraid.

Q: Don't tell me that this gonna be so hard to pass through, do you?
A: Well, that is what we call 'life'. You can't pass it easily. But remember, His promise to take care of you.

Q: How when I am not able to walk on the lessons???
A: Don't be afraid. He always besides you, and never never ever leaves you. Pray to Him, and He'll give you the key to pass the lessons. REMEMBER: The LORD is my light and my salvation - so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? ~Psalm 27:1

Our motto: For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. ~James 1:3-4

Heaven, all the time.
Best regards,


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