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REVIEW: DeRanch Family Outing & Resto


Hola Ladies, how was your weekend?
Last Sunday I went to Lembang and Bandung with my family. My uncle passed away, so I came to give my last honor to him :( But its okay, he is fine now, happy with God up there! ^^

After went to funeral house, I went back to Jakarta, via Lembang. We stopped at DeRanch, a big place to have family gathering. What a great place, Ladies!

In the morning, I came to my sister's house, and dressing my cute niece, Aurelia. She is so adorable, I love her smile and her babbles :LOL:
I picked many shirts and skirts for her to try, here are the results :D

And this is my FOTD. I don't use any makeup or base or whatever. Still sad that day. I ate sweet strawberry jello to comfort my mind.

This is DeRanch!

WARNING! So many photos, I told you :) I just wanna share with you. Hope you enjoy these.

welcome reclame

You have to pay 5.000 IDR each person to enter DeRanch (0,5 US$) and get free fresh milk :D niceeee!

inside foodcourt

I love nature SO MUCH! I can't stand to stay and sit down, while the wind was so friendly, the green grass, and horses were calling me to play with!!!

Look at my dad! :LOL:

welcome drink

My dad ordered Soto, tastes yummy!

Sis and her hubby ^^


You can play many games there, my Aurelia played Flying Fox, she is so brave for her age! *she's 5*
25.000 IDR for horses rent (1 lap) and 15.000 IDR for outbond games.

Then I played bubble swim. It was a big bubble ball, filled with oxygen, and sealed for 15 minutes.

me and kiddos

archery land


Note: I do really want to make a photo session here, but I can't, it is too far T_T

Plus:♥ The place is so big and fresh, far from city
♥ Nice to hang out with big family or children
♥ Nice foods, with various choices
♥ Get welcome milk :p
♥ Cheap entrance ticket
♥ Horses!

Minus:* Far from my city :(
* When it comes to the weekend, it must be so crowded!!!

Come Again? SURE! :D

Ratings:Food: 4 of 5(1 for very bad, 3 for enough, 5 for greats)

Place: 5 of 5
(1 for terrible, 3 for comfy enough, 5 for love it!)

Service: 3 of 5
(1 for "i wanna punch that waitress' face!", 3 for it's ok, 5 for "OMG, they should got an award of friendliness")

Price: 3 of 5
(1 for cheap, 3 for standart nowadays, 5 for too expensive)

OVERALL: 5 of 5

Tell me what are you thinking :)


  1. How cute!
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know. :)

    Lucca Yoga

  2. waaah.. kebetulan skali.. aku mau liburan ke bandung nanti.. hihi.. nice review..! :)

  3. Your niece look so adorable! >w<

  4. those pics are so good! The food looks delicious!

  5. Mmmh the poffertjes look really good :)

  6. ikut berduka untuk paman mu

    aq jadi laper liat makanannya,,,
    eh iaaa,adik qm lucu bgt yaa..
    pose nya oke :)
    thanks udh mampir k blog q,,
    aq dh folow qm :)

  7. They look so good, they really suit you!!


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