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Real Doll House at IKEA

Who loves IKEA? I am one of the interior freak, I can spend a lot of time at furniture showroom rather than at the supermarket. That's why I was very happy to have IKEA here in Indonesia - or I can say at Alam Sutera Tangerang.

I went to IKEA a few days ago with my bae Susan (and her bf and Elvin too). We were so happy to find it far less crowded like usual at weekend - that's why we could take these photos like we're on the doll house! 

So Susan made me a bowl of cereal.

And we were talking about the crazy neighbor!

We don't laugh at people, alone.

Then we remember that we had to do some works.

Bed time! Here read some good story book.

My favorite part: girls talk only!

At one lovely evening let's make fruit cocktail~

"No, Susan, not over there!"

"Look at this beige outer, you like it?"

"Noooooo Susan want to hit me!"

I think the show were really funny but Susan didn't give any damn lol.

"Susan, don't use the pepper too much please."

HAHAHA. We're just taking ootd photos to the next level! :D 

Tell me what you think ^^


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