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Does Waterless Shampoo Works? | Everist Review | Zero Waste Bathroom

Sept 23, 2021 - The first day I tried the waterless concentrated shampoo and conditioner from a brand called Everist. It's a Canadian company that provides less-to-zero-waste bathroom essentials. Recently they also launched the waterless concentrated body wash (will review the body wash soon). So keep on reading if you are wondering, does waterless shampoo really works?

Nala Deodorant Review | What is Free-From Deodorant and Why is it Healthier?

Armpit - a lowkey, uninteresting body part where nobody really wants to talk about. Some people even feel embarrassed with their armpit, including me. It seems that society has its own "standard" for this particular area to be worth before we can show or talk about it in public. I guess s…

Exfoliate 101: What, How, and When?

Hello guys how are you? In this post, I'm about to give a little teaser about exfoliation and everything in between. All people might clean their face in the shower time, but rarely cares about skin exfoliate, thus very important to keep the skin clean!

So as you can see up there is Estee Lauder…

Cara Membersihkan Pori Dengan Maksimal, Kulit Bersih Glowing Alami

Wajah yang sehat dan bersinar itu adalah my lifetime goal karena pake makeup saja itu gak cukup. Perlu kanvas yang baik agar makeup juga bisa sempurna. Selain itu, siapa sih yang ga mau kulit sehat bersinar? :D
Tapi sayangnya tidak ada fairy god mother yang bisa bantuin kita mencapai tujuan itu, p…

BOOSA BAR Sabun Natural Untuk Kulit yang Bermasalah

Aku pecinta sabun batang, karena menurutku sabun batang (soap bar) itu sangat klasik dan lebih terpecaya daripada sabun liquid biasa. Selain itu sabun batang bentuknya sangat menggemaskan, membuat niat mandi lebih tinggi lol.

Anyway, perkenalkan BOOSA BAR sebuah brand lokal yang menjual sabun lucu-l…

REVIEW: Repair Skin with Dr Jart Cicapair Recover Cream

Hello my skincare junkies! I'm back with another skincare recommendation, and this time is especially for people who find problems with acne, redness, sensitive skin, blemishes, and even eczema or rosacea
This magic remedy called Dr Jart Cicapair Recover - Derma Green Solution. If you are a fa…

Painless Light Facial Treatment di Beaute by Beatrix Jakarta

Siapa disini yang suka facial? Aku suka banget facial, tapi aku tuh agak rewel urusan treatment yang beauty-beauty gini. Coba aja cek blog aku, kategori treatment tuh paling jarang ada.

REVIEW: Carbon Coco Whitening Kit, Works or Nah?

3 Masalah Saat Menstruasi dan Solusinya

Red blanket by Gabriele Viertel

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