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for her. || an article.

In the previous article, I wrote about the important things for men. Now is women’s turn.

I read a book, about men and women. It is really nice to know that we are different. We will never be the same. Also thanks to AR Bernard, pastor from America, once he spoke in my church about differences between men and women. And all of those stuffs make me understand more and more about relationship and love. I may share this to men and women, and I hope it inspires. I pray to Jesus, for every couples in the world will be blessed. It’s much easier to handle your partner if you understand his/her natural born character.

Calling all women all out there. Read this carefully, safe it in your mind, and just do it (no nike sponsored lol).

Ladies, the man we would marry will be the partner of life. Never think that he would change after marriage, the answer is: boys will always be boys. They never really think about future until they get married. So choose wisely your man. If you just want a man for fun, you can easily find him anywhere and all you need is just sensual body and beauty. But if you want a man for your lifetime:

A real man (for a lifetime):

1. Find a man who never gets tired to do his best for you.

It’s really natural that men love hunting. They love something challenging. The same thing valid for relationship. If a man really loves you, he will always TRY to make you happy, no excuses. Don’t force him to do that much more than he could give, because when a man gives something, he gives all that he can give :)♥

2. Find a man who call you beautiful instead of hot, who adores you.

No much description about this point. A man who is really in love with you will adore you - you are the most beautiful woman in his eyes. He can stare at you in the middle of the night just to admire your beauty. A man who appreciate you and your body.

3. Find a man who protects and cares for you.

A real man has natural protecting instinct, just like worrying instinct in woman. If a man cares, he will SHOW by DOING, not just asking “Already had lunch? Go home with me or bus? You want me to pick you up? And so on…”
Because men are not like women, man tends to act, while woman tends to react. It’s a fixed price, if a man doesn’t show you that he cares, it means he is really doesn’t care. You know where your position is. Man prefer to play around with his boys, if he spend a lot lot lot of his time with you, he loves you!

Once you found this man, never let him go, whatever the situation is. He’s more precious than any jewel in this world. Keep him, be loyal, and make him happy. There are some points that men want women to know, but the WILL NEVER talks about this directly! Men are:

1. They know the women’s insecurities. Real man knows about this precisely. They know that women needs comfort life, good food, fashion, and so on. Trust me they know. And they are working on it, so don’t begging to much, don’t make his life hard with useless wishes.

2. Real men still men, they are VISUAL creatures. They adore something beautiful: women. It’s natural and don’t blame anyone. Be pretty always by taking good care of yourself. Be healthy, by doing exercise. Be beautiful always by having a good knowledge about beauty. It’s our duty to keep him happy, outside and inside.

3. Real men respect independent women who still need them. It’s quite hard to understand but it’s true. Ladies, please know when to be spoil to him and when to do it yourself! Pay attention to the situation, use your logic to find out the answers.

4. Don’t cheat on him, be with him in any circumstances. When he finally reaches his best, you’ll get the FIRST place in his heart and wealth.

I hope this articles can be something to you and your life. God bless all women in the world ♥


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