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The real woman is the most pride for a man. -Ms. Rhea

I read a book, about men and women. It is really nice to know that we are different. We will never be the same. Also thanks to AR Bernard, a pastor from America, once he spoke in my church about differences between men and women. And all of those stuffs make me understand more and more about relationship and love. I may share this to men and women, and I hope it inspires. I pray to Jesus, for every couples in the world will be blessed. It’s much easier to handle your partner if you understand his/her natural born character.

Calling all men all out there. Read this carefully, safe it in your mind, and just do it (no nike sponsored here lol).

I know it’s quite hard to understand women. I think the best thing you can do is just be a real man, and the real woman will be around. Choose wisely your woman. If you just want a woman for fun, you can find it anywhere and all you need is just money. But if you want a woman for your lifetime:

A real woman (for a lifetime):

1. Find a woman who stays with you in your darkest times.
I tell you, a woman who really loves you will never leave you in your hard and dark times. She will always be there to comfort you, gives you motivation, and pray for you. It’s easy for a woman to leave you if she wants, but if she stays, she deserves all of you. Any woman can be beside you when you are in all good condition, but only the real woman who loves you that will stay in your most fucked up time.

2. Find a woman who can support you, and not always seeking for fun.
A real woman knows when to be spoil and when to be tough. Woman is tougher than man. Believe this. She’ll be your weakness and your strength. Woman who loves you will always give support and prayers for you, in all of circumstances. She’s your backbone.

3. Find a woman who encourages you and reminds you to do good things in your life.
She might says a lot like “Eat vegetables, don’t drink too much, quit smoking, get up now, pray before you sleep, save more money, eat your breakfast, go home earlier, call your mom, visit your grandparents, go to dentist, check up your health, bla bla bla, and many morrrrreeeeee.

Yes, it sounds pretty annoying. But if she can add positive things to your life, imagine how it would be like for a lifetime. A woman who just wants to play around with you WON’T EVER do these things to you. NEVER.

Once you found this woman, never let her go, whatever the situation is. She’s more precious than any jewel in this world. Keep her, be loyal, and make her happy with some of these tips:

1. Hug and kiss her every day, also say I love her every day. I know it’s kind of stupid things. Yeaaa she’s already know I love her right? Why should I tell her every day that I love her?
Just does it, you’ll see how happy she’ll be. And you know what a happy woman can do for you lol.

2. Play with her, laugh with her until you got stomachache. She’s your happiness, make her laugh. Be like the elementary fellows!

3. Grab her, tell her that everything’s gonna be okay – whenever she is over thinking of something. Woman always insecure, because God put a natural worrying instinct on her mind.

4. Always left message. She hates being worried. They just want to know that you are safe. That’s all.

Actually, AR Bernard said that God wants three things in men. Woman also needs three things in men. And men always struggling in three things. They are: strength, consistency, discipleship.

I hope I have written something that could touch all men all over the world :)
God bless you. Good luck!


  1. thank you for sharing kak rhea :))) :3 Great advise :)) :*

  2. "Woman always insecure, because God put a natural worrying instinct on her mind."
    Thank you for this quote. Insecure isn't always a bad thing, I know. :)

  3. love!


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